Timing Your Listing

Many factors go into a successful sale and timing of the listing is one of the most critical aspects. For the past three years in Houston, the highest dollar value for homes has come in May, June, and July with December being another high dollar month. Consider the following when deciding when to list:

To Open or not to Open ...

Open houses spark immediate reactions from my sellers. I often hear, “Why bother with an open house?” or “We absolutely MUST do an open house!” It becomes quickly apparent that their preference for or resistance to doing one is based on myth rather than fact. So what is true and what is not??

1. Every listing can benefit from an open house.

mortgage options

Mortgage Options In A Nutshell

The lending world is a very complex one and your lender is by far the best source for information which is why I always share the names and contact information for several lenders with whom I have worked in the past. It still doesn't hurt to have some idea of what they are talking about when you enter their domain.